We fit prescription lenses to your mask
Sea what you've been missing!
Prescription Dive Masks gives everyone a chance to see
clearly underwater in an affordable way.

Professional divers have been coming to us for years.
Now sport divers, photographers and snorkelers are discovering
the benefits of clear underwater vision.

Scuba Vision custom makes each lens to your prescription, using your personal measurements for optimum vision. With the correct lenses one must be able to see both far and near.

Your lenses are created
specifically for the mask
you select. The lens size
is kept as large as possible,
to give divers a full field
of vision. Then it is bonded
to the glass face plate with
optically clear adhesive.

This whole process is done
by a qualified optometrist &

Water Magnification Won't
Help You To See The Fish
Clearer, It Will Only Enlarge
The Fuzzy Image.

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